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The 2

The 2 with Myron Westmoreland and Reverend Antonio McGuire
Myron Westmoreland and Reverend Antonio McGuire

The program is a provocative variety talk show including social issues, politics and sports.

Join two interesting researchers, scholars and theologians, covering a wide variety of topics, provide contrasting styles and views that will no doubt, cause some controversy and conflict.

Let the Kingdom Builders in! Let this knowledge out!

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Guest, Dr Samuel Malave

Guest Name
Dr Samuel Malave
Dr Samuel Malave
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Guest Occupation
Pastor, Chaplain for the Haines Police Department, President of Life University, Radio and TV Host
Guest Biography

Dr. Samuel Malave planted three churches and has been a pastor for 28 years. He is a Chaplain for the Haines City Police Department and has been the President of LIFE UNIVERSITY since 2010. He’s had numerous radio and TV programs in New York and Florida.

He received a Doctorate Degree in Pastoral Psychology from Carolina Christian University and received an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Windsor College. Dr. Samuel Malave trains pastors and leaders in various areas such as Leadership, Church Growth, Administration, Finances, Creationism Vs. Evolution, Biblical Preaching (The Art of Public Speaking), Revivalist and many more topics. He is 52 years of age and speaks English and Spanish.