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Guest Name
Zach Loeb
Guest Occupation
Intuitive Coach
Guest Biography

Zach Loeb is an intuitive coach with skills in psychic, mediumship, channeling, past life readings, and animal communication. Growing up in San Francisco, he always had a fascination with metaphysics, but didn't became aware of his abilities until adulthood.

He then studied with Medium Fleur and Colby Rebel to rapidly develop his gifts. In his coaching business he merges spirituality with business, using his psychic gifts and drawing from his background in executive recruiting and career coaching. He provides insights to individual and business clients that help them see the missing pieces that have been hindering their progress, make choices faster, and be more confident in those decisions. After sessions with Zach, clients report feelings of ease, empowerment, inspiration and relief. He also delivers workshops on intuitive development, helping people to listen, see, hear, and feel in new ways, and develop their own gifts.

He prides himself on being a regular guy who happens to have a strong connection to the spirit world, and is grateful to be of service.