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Tori Jones
Guest Occupation
Web Development
Guest Biography


One thing is very clear, websites are my passion.  I look after them as if they were my children. I have always been naturally drawn to computers and have a solid 20+ years of experience in the technology field.  I am in a constant state of learning to stay current with technology and I love it!   On the flip side, I am an artist.  I have a natural desire to create and design every day.  Couple the two together and wa-la: Web Design. When I created Web Design Island, I wanted to build a unique company that did not compare to other Web Design companies.  Basically, I wanted what I wanted.  I quickly learned the horrors others had experienced from past web designers so I wanted solutions. First, no one could ever find their web designer down the road, so I created a life service.  This way you could always reach your web designer, and your website is always looked after and updated.   Second, websites are such a necessity these days (even replacing brick and mortar buildings) making them a huge investment to get it done right.  Therefore, a la carte pricing was invented.  You have the ability to purchase web pages and products individually AND all the pricing is listed directly on our website - just straight forward pricing. Lastly.  If getting a website designed is not intimidating enough, now-a-days you have to have Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, compelling Web Copy, professional Photos, etc., etc.  People are scrambling trying to find the graphic designer that has their logo, or can’t decide how to choose an SEO company, or doesn’t know if their company Facebook page is set up correctly.  Web Design Island is truly a One-Stop-Shop.  We have carefully selected experts in their field.  Everything you need, all in one place. If you are tired of trying to keep track of your online marketing, and have everything spread out all over the place, Web Design Island is exactly right for you.  We are committed to your success.