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Guest Name
Toni Greene
Toni Greene
Guest Occupation
Psychic Medium Healer Radio Show Host
Guest Biography

Toni has memories of channeling from early childhood, although at that time she had no idea that she was channeling or what channeling was. One of the houses Toni grew up in had earthbound spirits in it, or as her mother would say, "There are ghosts in this house." Toni wasn't really sure exactly what that meant, but she know she would not reach into one of the closets because there was "something icky" in there.

Throughout Toni's life she continued to Channel, unknowingly. She would tell someone something, usually a warning, out of the blue. She never questioned or really even thought about the fact that some odd and random statement would just come out of her mouth, but neither did anyone else?

During Toni's careers her intuition helped her a great deal. She always knew what to say and when to say it. How to guide people and answer their questions. While helping friends with their new businesses she could give them pages of ideas, even if she didn't know anything about that type of business.

In 2002 Toni moved into a house with a lot of earthbound spirits, I mean a lot! This is when it gets interesting as Toni purchased this house and couldn't just move. Toni could see the spirits as well as the Angels and Light Workers that helped her. Toni was guided on how to "Free Spirits" or help them go home. Some of the spirits, not so eager to go home, needed healing before they could go. This was part of the beginning of the journey for the rest of Toni's life.

Toni suffered another near death experience and as a result had to change careers. The first step was when a message therapist introduced her to Re-connective Healing, The massage therapist said "I do this healing work" and Toni blurted out "I'm supposed to do this work, tell me where I can learn it". The next step was when Toni was watching Oprah and Brien Weiss was on, she instantly knew she was supposed to become a hypnotist.

During healing and hypnosis sessions Toni would channel messages to her clients. These messages would just come out. Most of the clients came back with more questions.

Toni's Healing abilities improved and became stronger, she is able to heal simply by looking at clients. She uses this gift often when she is out and sees people distressed or struggling. She also uses this healing with some clients when she is channeling, As the Light beings/Angels come in and Toni is answering questions, she is looking at the client and healing is taking place.