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Guest Name
Tom Meredith
Tom Meredith
Guest Occupation
Owner 2/20 Fitness
Guest Biography
I am Tom Meredith, the Owner of 2/20 Fitness and former owner of Toms Gym. There are a number of things that 2/20 Fitness plans to Deliver that will Separate us from our Competition. We plan to give people what they've been missing from their current Gym/Health Club: Results & Time!
The workouts are designed to take 20 minutes. We Recommend working out twice a week, which gives the muscle time to recover and grow.
After every workout our members will receive a performance summary. This summary will track their progress, telling the member how long they trained, how much total work they performed an how much weight they moved.
Members can follow their progress from their phone. They will also receive a short video from experts like Dr. Brett Osborn, a board certified Neurosurgeon, anti-aging expert, one of the most respected experts in the nutrition industry. These videos will provide tips on nutrition, supplements, protein, fats, carbohydrates, etc.
In addition to nutrition tips, our members will receive value-added content from experts like Bob Gajda, guiding them through healthy activities and lifestyle choices thay can make on the five days a week we are giving back to them.