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Guest Name
Tobie Spears
Guest Occupation
Founder & Executive Director
Guest Biography

Tobie Spears is the Founder & Executive Director of Guatemalan Humanitarian Tours based in Utah where 90% of their volunteers, sponsors, and constituents are female. They help children, teens, and adults reach their full potential with early nutrition and continued education. Apart from running her nonprofit, Tobie stays busy working as a birth and postpartum doula as well. Tobie is also one of Utah Business 2020's Women of the Year honorees. "I grew up with a single mom, living on welfare. My mom taught us to think of others. We did the 12 days of xmas for families in our neighborhood that were struggling emotionally or financially. We took food to the homeless shelter. I remember putting together a coat drive in our jr. high and realizing that we could make a bigger impact working together.

At Guatemalan Humanitarian Tours, we help Guatemalan children, teens, and their parents reach their full potential with early nutrition and education."

"Our service vacations help companies, families, and individuals give back while having a blast and remembering what really matters. 

Our nutrition program is providing 1000+ meals a month and a volunteer-led bilingual preschool in a remote Guatemalan community. Our community is working together to fight childhood malnutrition, one child, at a time.

While in Guatemala we volunteer in our preschool, prepare meals for local children, volunteer in orphanages and schools, take a horseback ride up a volcano, install wood-burning stoves and water filters for local families, explore Mayan ruins, deliver hundreds of pounds of donations, and shop fabulous markets. We travel on a private bus with a trusted driver, stay in local hotels, and eat delicious traditionally prepared meals. We work hard and have a blast!

Please reach out if you would like to join us or support us through sponsorship/donations."

Thank you!

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