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Tanisha Morgan
Tanisha Morgan Author, Executive Business Advisor, Entreprenuer
Guest Occupation
Author, Entreprenuer, Executive Business Advisor, Connector, Small Business Legal Benefits Provider, Motivational Speaker, Trainer
Guest Biography


Tanisha Morgan was born in the suburbs of Chicago and relocated to Phoenix in the late 1980s.  Studying law and business management at the University of New Mexico, she put herself through school by working part time for several attorneys.  In 1993 she returned to Phoenix, continued to work in the legal field until her passion shifted to a new industry.  She delved into the beauty industry in 1994 and after 3 short years, opened Krazy Nails Salon.

As a salon owner, she was often privy to the conversations her clientele shared about their lives regarding personal or legal issues, stories, lessons and mistakes to avoid all contributing to the writing of her first book "Memoirs of a Nail Tech." 

After selling her salon to work with LegalShield, which rekindled her love for the law coupled with the opportunity to help people, she wrote her book revealing some of her memories of fun, laughter, pain, love and heartache.

Being an entrepreneur and business owner has created opportunities acquiring positions as a corporate trainer, invited speaker at the NBCC National Conference and motivational speaker at nationwide seminars. 

She just completed her 6th Annual Ladies Event empowering women in business and has appeared on several radio talk shows including the Good Morning Scottsdale show with Mayor Mary Manross.

Tanisha Morgan is an inspiration to everyone who has the desire to take their personal and business lives to the "Next Level". Her smile alone will light up any room. Once you meet her, she has left in imprint in your heart. Should you be lucky enough to have her take you under her wing, and have her mentor and train you, your income levels and your personal value system will change forever. Not to mention your "style" Because this woman, will transform you personally, and professionally, from the inside, out!! Tune in on November 25th at 6PM PST, I have the exclusive honor to showcase Tanisha Morgan TDAC LIVE with Michele Marie.