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Guest Name
Susanna Utbult
Guest Occupation
Fung Shui Expert
Guest Biography

Susanna Utbult is a Feng Shui from Sweden. She has studied and practiced Feng Shui since 1998.

As a feng shui expert,she owns and runs the Nordic School for Feng Shui and has taught several hundred students. Since Susanna took over the school in 2010 she has grown to love teaching and helping people to create better homes and better lives. Susanna also design houses for clients who are in the process of building there own home and they just want to get it right (this time).

After being a Feng Shui expert for many years I have realized the home is just one side of the coin for creating a better life. The other side of the coin is YOU, the customer. It really doesn´t matter if you have a great home according to Feng Shui, if you are in a confused and in a mess internally. You just need to do the work to get the whole coin to shine the way you deserve. This is your birthright. 

Susanna has developed a way to mix Feng Shui with the teachings of Bob Proctor, from Canada. The decluttering of body/mind/spirit is uplifting and brings Light and balance into your home.