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Guest Name
Stephen Patrick Grey
Guest Occupation
Indie Recording Artist, Licensed Therapist, Personal Trainer
Guest Biography

Music is my life. It hasn’t always been what I’ve done, but its always been the backbone of my experiences. I hear a song, and I don’t just hear the song, I feel where I was, the time it reminds me of and the memories that it brings. Life makes little sense to me without music. It has been something that is constant in a world filled with change.

I have been day dreaming about my own involvement in music since I was a child. It was something that I was always attracted to, but nothing I ever thought I had within me. I used to think that I knew who I was. I told myself many things about who I was and I believed them. One of those things was that I didn’t have any musical talent and it would always be a dream.

In 2010, I sought help for my drug addiction. When my mind cleared I began challenging the many things that I was convinced about myself. I bought a guitar and taught myself the basics. I thought why not try some singing lessons. Next thing I knew I was in a studio recording songs that I had written. Watching my music come to life has been the most satisfying thing I have ever experienced.

That’s what music is for me. Its my way of showing myself that I can be anything that I want. It’s shown me that if I let go of what I believe about myself, that I might just be something more. With music I’m outside myself and it makes me believe that anything is possible. It is my outlet of expression, freedom and authenticity.