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Guest Name
Stephanie Staie
Stephanie and Marge at Standing Rock
Guest Occupation
Environmentalist and Water Protector at Standing Rock North Dakota
Guest Biography

My  great great grandfather was a riverboat captain on the Missouri River.  He met and married a full blood Sioux woman my great great grandmother.  This was the grandmother of my mother's father.   My family never talked about that part of the family tree because according to my mother's cousin " . . . it was not popular because of Custer's Last Stand".  I became interested in my Sioux background when my mother passed.  I traveled to Bear Butte South Dakota, the holy land of the Sioux, with my friend Robin (in the photo).   

I met a Lakota Sioux Hunkpapa (Head of the Circle) elder Marge Edwards there.  I began to learn of the Natives deep connection with mother earth and the Great Spirit.  Marge and I spent days together and she took Robin and me up the Native side of Bear Butte to pray.  At the end of our time together Marge asked my friend and I to Sun Dance for her.  I said sure and had no idea what the Sun Dance was.  My friend said you have no clue what you just said yes to.  Your life is going to change.  And it did!!  

Marge was from Standing Rock reservation and I stayed in touch with her until her death.  Her husband and son still reside in Standing Rock.  I have had the amazing experience of honoring up an elder's request and have Vision Quested and Sun Danced for two years.  It has been an incredible blessed journey.  I began to hear about the North Dakota Pipeline when I returned from Sun Dance this summer.  I knew I had to go and return to the land of my ancestors.  

The natives have a saying when you show up at the Sweat Lodge which is our monthly time of worship prayer and song . . . they say: that your ancestors prayed you here. With my background in environmental studies and being concerned about the environment since my early 20's and all the connections, I HAD to come! 

How can people help?  Go to: defund DAPL  to find stories on line or on instagram at #defunddapl and #bankexit

The offending banks contributing to this project to drill under the Missouri river and endanger the drinking water of 10 million people are Bank of America, Wells Fargo, US Bank, Citibank, ING Bank, PNC Bank and Chase Bank.

Ace Hardware in Bismarck North Dakota was told by Morton County Sherriff’s not to sell small propane canisters to campers who need them for heat and cooking.  The Comfort Inn in North Dakota had a sign that said we love all veterans but when they found out the veteran staying with them was on his way to Standing Rock they asked him to leave.

Attend rallies-watch facebook or on line for NODAPL Rallys.  There is one in Los Angeles on December 10th at 2 pm.  Location to be announced.