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Guest Name
Sierra Neblina
Guest Biography

     Sierra Neblina, of  Cherokee and Irish heritage, is a Pleiadian Volunteer, founder of GalacticU Radio Network, an ordained minister, a Desert Storm Veteran, retired Custom home builder and crystal healer.

     As a volunteer from the 6th Dimension, Sierra had no veil as she entered into a physical body, she came in with all psychic awareness in tact. From a very young age Sierra experienced heightened psychic abilities including astral projection, astral travel, prophetic dreams and the ability to see through the veil communicating with Angelics, Elementals, deceased people and animals. 

     This got the attention of the military at an early age and Sierra found herself in the Super Soldier project at age 5. Sierra was saved from this program by a mother who was very transient, but was later tracked down by the military and by an implant was coerced into joining the military at age 19. 

     Later on while in the reserves Sierra had her first conscious ET experience. Later in her life she would learn that her parents consented to a human/hybrid ET experiment program.

     She plunged into a deep investigation of military cover-up of ET contact and Human abductions. This caught the attention of the military, resulting in a chilling trip into NORAD and serious threats to harm her family if she continued her search. Later in life Sierra would come to find out that her father, is a high level commander in the Secret Space Program, and was present during her trip into NORAD.

     The threats worked and she spent the next 10 years off the grid. In 2007 Sierra was struck with a series of strokes, caused by Desert Storm Syndrome,  effectively crippling 25% of her brain, that resulted in left side paralysis and prolonged outer body experiences. While recovering, Sierra learned about her soul agreements, she met her Galactic Family, learned about her life as a Pleadian Ship Commander and then began her Galactic training. She also made an agreement to have a braided Walk-in help her in her recovery and help her complete her mission here on earth.

     Since fully recovering from her stoke, the Galactic training has consisted of  Time/Space travel and repair of Timelines.  The help in capture and containment of high level Cabal, sitting on an Earth/Galactic counsel representing both Galactics and Humans during this time of the Great Shift.

     Sierra is currently in these and many other projects to help the humans free themselves of the slave system currently on the planet today.

papa_rick (not verified)

13 August 2017

Dear James - Your interview with Sierra Neblina last night was among the best interviews EVER! Guests who are "walk-ins" with full knowledge of their soul contract, a clear understanding of the importance of service to others, a history of ET contacts and experiences with a variety of galactic beings help keep the entire show interesting. And when they share my (and your) vision of a positive future for our planet and all of humanity, I begin to search immediately for the archived program so I can listen to it again and share it with friends who missed it. Thank you for inviting Sierra to bring us up to date on the different topics you covered. I know YOU must feel good when your guest's information validates yours, and even more so when YOU learn something new! It was truly a pleasure meeting you and your awesome staff at the ranch a couple weeks ago. I enjoyed my visit and my Transpersonal Release Session and plan to return next year, armed with a better camera. Bless your heart and be in peace. Rick Garzaniti, Tallahassee, FL.