Guest, Shirleylee Shields

Guest Name: 
Shirleylee Shields
Guest Occupation: 
Speaker, Author, Life skills Coach
Guest Biography: 

Born a Metis’ child, and taken away at the age of three, she found herself in the foster care of a very religious cult, The Holdeman Mennonites from Roblin, Manitoba. At a young age she discovered something wasn’t right, and her questioning and honesty were not welcome.

After struggling for many years, then forced into an arranged, loveless marriage, and immediate motherhood, Shirleylee found her inner courage to leave. For several years she fought for her freedom and the custody of her four young children, removed from her by the Holdeman, Mennonite people.

She is the first woman in Canada and United States to have taken this huge religious society to court. In 1997, in Alberta: a victory: she won sole custody of her children, and then later her divorce.

With a unique voice of a woman who was given isolated schooling to Grade 8, she wrote her passionate autobiography, ‘A World Within A World’, and now speaks on the power of her journey to Self discovery, freedom and forgiveness. No longer the child she was, Shirleylee is a woman who has become the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves, the ones who live in fear and guilt; who know they must move on but have no idea how. She states her purpose is to help people recognize that they alone have the power to change their world, their lifestyle, and their beliefs and come out the other side feeling whole. Being a part of The Metis’ 60 Scoop also, Shirleylee speaks on The Loss of Identity and finding that Sense of Belonging.

Following this life’s purpose, shirleylee is a Life Skills Coach, working with ages 13 and up. She teaches them tools to find their Self Worth, Gratitude, and Communication and to bring joy into their lives. Recently she followed her own joy and married the man of her dreams, her life partner.

To hear Shirleylee speak is literally to see a glimpse through a window into a world that most of us never imagine. To watch audiences, focus on her every word, seeing recognition in their eyes about situations in their own life, then sparking hope that maybe they can change too, is inspiring.

To book Shirleylee for speaking engagements, please reach her through her email or private message on Facebook or Instagram.