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Sheevaun Moran
Sheevaun O'Connor Moran, Visionary, Mystic, Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Entrepreneur, Author, Radio Host and Energy Healer
Guest Occupation
Visionary, Mystic, Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Entrepreneur, Author, Radio Host, Energy Healer
Guest Biography

Energy is everything and it is the vision and mission to help you reclaim your vital, vibrant and vivacious energy.

From the trenches of her own illness and near death and the loss of the love of her life, Sheevaun knows the reaches of physical, emotional pain and loss. She has a genuine interest in ensuring that you do not have the same issues or hurdles that caused so much pain in her life. (For the real and more detailed story about how Sheevaun has come to share her talents, technology and theology with the world in hopes of making a dent in as many ways as possible)

As a visionary and mystic in pursuit of a new way to resolve lack of clarity dissolve obstacles, remove negativity, not enough energy, health challenges and financial freedom, Sheevaun has developed a technology to get you back on track and tap into the vast resources to make it all happen. Sheevaun is a highly regarded speaker, spiritual teacher and entrepreneur. Over 20 years working with subtle energy Sheevaun is an expert and adept teacher sharing its application in life to our minds, bodies, emotions, relationships, and finances. She believes that through the use of energy you are fully empowered to achieve and succeed with new awareness and clarity.

She has produced over a fifteen popular transformational CD’s that get fast results for you, created innovative energy technology that transmutes energy blocks into success and health, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and is the author of the latest book Learn to Meditate in 2 Minutes, for the Lazy, Crazy, and Time Deficient. Sheevaun is the transformation trainer to workshops worldwide and the producer and host of the popular radio program Master Your Energy, Master Your Life!

If you want Success Beyond Reason(TM) and need it fast then that’s when to work with Sheevaun. She is masterful at bringing you back to clarity, getting you on track and bridging the gaps. This is where results and miracles occur.

Over 10,500 Clients and Climbing

“She is direct, clear and sees things that you can’t see and you get the results fast!”

Sheevaun has helped thousands of people improve their lives. Her one on one and group programs help you accelerate through to the other shore in record time (guaranteed), the Platinum Program is for executives and has resulted in success with increased cash flow, higher sales, client retention, and employee harmony. The Personal Care and Healing Division is where she has worked with the physical disorders that include traumas, diabetes, ADD, ADHD, autism, OCD, cancer, ALS, Autism, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Malaise, Stroke, Addictions, and more.

Since early childhood she observed energy and has taken its mastery as key to the success of every facet of life. She has achieved success when in the corporate confines, become a Master of Energy, Mastered Wisdom Yoga and Energy Healing along with success in multiples of business/entrepreneurial ventures. Sheevaun works with the energy that flows in and around the whole of the life (body, business, relationship, space and spiritual realms) and emphasizes equilibrium in the lives of the individual physically, mentally, emotionally, nutritionally, and financially.