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Shari Brown
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The Seven Commandments for Happiness and Prosperity

by Shari Sharifi Brown

This book will take the reader on an enchanting journey through the history of religion to discover the seven key principles that can bring you happiness and riches.

The journey begins in prehistory when men worshipped multiple gods in forms of stone and wood. They sacrificed animals, humans, and even children to please these gods. The great Commandments of Moses were a revolutionary act of liberation. But as we shall see, the Israelites did not always follow them, and they suffered the consequences. Their story is indeed a testament to us today of what not to do if you want success in this life---and the next.

The simplified Commandments of Jesus made them easier to follow, and offered them to all people. But wickedness in the name of Christianity by church leaders and average Christians came after lip service to the Commandments. The Arab people were still worshipping idols of many gods when they came in contact with Jews and Christians. One of them learned of their God and brought Commandments to his people, but like Jews and Christians, many Muslims went astray.

The central theme of this book is to illustrate the fortunes and misfortunes of people who either decide to be inspired by grace to follow the Commandments, and achieve inner and outer peace, or to flout the Law and suffer the consequence.