Guest, Serenity Raven-Wolf

Guest Name: 
Serenity Raven-Wolf
Serenity Raven Wolf
Guest Occupation: 
Chief Love Officer, Lead with Love Movement, a Beacon of LOVE in a Tumultuous World.
Guest Biography: 

Best  Selling Co-Author, Results Coach, Mentor, and Law of Attraction and Self-Love Expert - Serenity is the Chief Love Officer, Lead with Love Movement.

She is supporting heart-centered Change-Makers & Way-Showers embrace their unique contribution so they can fulfill their mission to bring forth a prosperous, and harmonious peace on earth. Your uniqueness is your PERFECTION and your GIFT to the world.

Serenity is a Beacon of LOVE in a Tumultuous World, and for more than 30 years has been living, teaching, and promoting consciousness and Love through all forms of media. She is a recipient of the 2017 Global Influencer Award, and 2017 Heart And Spirit Award. An intuitive and sensitive empath, and Creator of The SoulSync Process: a conversational energy resolution tool that leaves you, and the participants feeling deeply loved and serene.

As a woman, she lived a ‘normal’ life; divorcing and burying parts of herself and turning down (almost to the off position) her inner radiant magnificence to please and avoid offending others. Being vastly different than most, and viewing the world through an apparently very different set of lenses than pretty much everyone; she felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.

At the age of 37, her life was so miserable, and she was unable to remember the last time she truly felt alive and happy. Today Serenity lives the life of her dreams and knows, regardless of how hard it was at the time; through the dark night of her soul, to turning my life around; she is so deeply grateful that she did. For herself, her children, her now ex-husband, and every person on this beloved planet. Living your dream life is indeed possible. She is living proof!

Join us to hear her story of her journey from a suicide watch to success and confidence!

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