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Scott Cooney
Scott Cooney
Guest Occupation
Partner with Montana’s Natures Element, a CBD Health & Wellness Company
Guest Biography

I have been blessed with being raised in Big Sky Country, Montana that is, on the banks of Rattlesnake Creek in Missoula. Truly a river runs through it. It was youthful curiosity that took me traveling the world as well as taking a sabbatical to recenter by doing some evangelical outreach in the Philippines. It was after that I married and was gifted shortly thereafter with two beautiful daughters.

While my entrepreneurial thirst in business started early in life, it didn’t break stride until my early 20’s when we employed 50 team members performing paint and coatings throughout the Northwest. Within years our growth sprouted multiple vertical integrated entities servicing the railroad, timber, mining and heavy construction sectors. My spare time was filled with commercial, industrial real estate development and entitlement which I still pursue today.

A full life of recreational and business pursuits collided with a traumatic automobile accident which left me in a wheel chair for 2 years and the possible loss of multiple limbs. After over a dozen surgeries it was time to reevaluate my priorities once again.

It was then in 2015 that I stumbled on an unrealized passion……that of farming. Farming along with the ranching of Scottish Highlander cows turned my world upside down. The tranquility and restorative powers of being in amongst some of the cleanest air, water, soils and Rocky Mountain peaks did amazing things for my mind and body.

With chronic pain being a part my daily life, it was a natural fit to start researching CBD cultivation and processing. Montana Organic Hemp LLC was formed and our first crop planted in 2018. This was followed by a second crop in 2019 with a growth of 300%.  This massive increase in biomass harvest brought us into the second phase of our business model; that of processing for the extraction of cannabinoids.The team that has organically formed in this pursuit all share the same goal of bettering each other’s lives. We are blessed to have all the key ingredients for a successful high growth business while living in one of the worlds last best places and delivering groundbreaking natural product that is changing peoples lives for the better.