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Guest Name
Sara Auster
Sara Auster
Guest Occupation
Sound Therapist, Meditation Teacher, Corporate Mindfullness Consultant, Author & Composer
Guest Biography

Sara Auster is a New York City–based sound therapist and meditation teacher. Sara has travelled the world to facilitate immersive Sound Bath experiences using the transformative power of sound and deep listening. From the boardrooms of Google to the galleries of MoMA, from hotels to hospitals, grade schools to Madison Square Garden, her work has been a driving force in bringing Sound Baths to modern culture. Sara’s thoughtfully crafted experiences allow sound to be used as a tool to invite meditative states, support self-inquiry and cultivate deep relaxation. She is a thought leader on how to inspire meaningful connection through listening.

Sara Auster is changing the way the world is engaging with sound and the act of listening.  As a sound therapist, meditation teacher, and artist, she has been a driving force in bringing Sound Baths to contemporary culture.  Using a holistic approach to well-being with the transformative power of music and sound, her carefully crafted experiences allow sound to be used as a tool to access meditative states, support self-inquiry, cultivate deep relaxation, and inspire meaningful connection and change. 

At the age of twenty-three, Sara was working full-time as an artist and musician in her New York City studio when the floor collapsed leaving her back broken in 4 places and temporarily paralyzed. Her physicians at the time told Sara she would live a life of chronic pain, limited mobility, and prescription drugs. This diagnosis led Sara to embark on a journey of recovery from physical and emotional trauma. By way of this healing process, she created a uniquely approachable method based on over a decade of study in psychoacoustics, yoga and meditation, and a lifetime of experience in music and art. 

In 2014 Sara co-created the Mindful Music + Sound Series at Tibet House, and began to serve on their associate board. This experience inspired Sara to expand her sound offerings to more cultural institutions and public spaces eventually leading her to curate and facilitate unique, site specific sound bath experiences, for up to 10,000 people at a time, in iconic venues such as: The Museum of Modern Art, Madison Square Garden, Palais de Tokyo, Lincoln Center, One World Observatory, The Rubin Museum and SummerStage in Central Park.

Sara’s work in making meditation and Sound Baths accessible to all, has gained her recognition as a leading voice in the wellness movement. She has been invited to speak about mindfulness and sound for companies such as Google, Microsoft and American Express.  Her work has been featured in several global media outlets including: The New York Times, Time Magazine, Vice, Quartz and Billboard Magazine and was named a top meditation by Oprah Magazine in 2016. Sara has lead immersive workshops and certificate trainings at NYU, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, The New York Open Center, The Rubin Museum, and MNDFL.

Through Sound Baths, sound meditation, community events, education and corporate mindfulness training, Sara facilitates mindful and immersive experiences that allow participants access to improved focus, expansive creativity, and deep human connection through listening.