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Ron Head
Ron Head
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When I began this blog, I had no idea it would ever be as popular as it has become.  To everyone who reads these postings, I offer my heartfelt gratitude for your interest and my earnest prayers for your swift progress toward your dreams.  Namaste.


Our purpose in starting this blog it to provide a place for healers and channelers to share things they discover and want to share with the community and to post news articles we find relevent to our interests.  We encourage civilized discussion, but will immediately delete any comments that attack or disrespect anyone or anything posted here.  Please respect that this is a personal blog, not a forum to promote anything.  We have viewpoints which we espouse and as this is our blog, we do not intend to waste our time defending them.  Courtesy being important at all times is one of those viewpoints.  That being said,  we appreciate your interest and time.  Please enjoy what you find here