Guest, Robert Tumm

Guest Name: 
Robert Tumm
Robert Tumm
Guest Occupation: 
Healer,Teacher, Founder Spiritual Energy Dynamics
Guest Biography: 
Robert is the Founder and Director of Spiritual Energy Dynamics, LLC. He has been a metaphysical researcher and pioneer since the mid 1980's. He is recognized by many as one of the leading experts on spiritual energy configurations, channeling, psychic phenomena, identifying and clearing negative energies and entities, as well as spiritual energy expansion, ascension philosophy and associated protocols.
Robert offers a unique approach to working on a person's energy field. By doing intuitive scans (much like and MRI scans the physical body) Robert is able to identify, quantify, and isolate unwanted, interfering energies and entities. Once identified, advanced spiritual processes are implemented to remove the unwanted energies, heal the resulting damage, and restore energetic connections. 
He continues to expand, practice and teach this remarkable system. The initial concepts of which were developed by Robert's good friend and mentor, the late C.M. Baldwin - former Scientist, Channeler, and N.A.S.A. Engineer, who serves now in a non-physical consulting capacity.
S.E.D. (Spiritual Energy Dynamics) does offer training classes throughout the year that includes an extensive certification program that requires several years of study and practice.