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Roadmap for the New Millennium
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Robert Perala is an internationally acclaimed speaker, and author of The Divine Blueprint
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Robert Perala is an internationally acclaimed speaker, and author of The Divine Blueprint: Roadmap for the New Millennium, and the newly released book The Divine Architect. Robert presents a remarkable look into our relationship with Extraterrestrials and the Divine Cosmos. He is an inspirational speaker and has been seen and heard on: Showtime, Coast to Coast AM, and is host of his own The Perala Report. Robert is the internationally acclaimed author of The Divine Blueprint and the new revised edition of The Divine Architect. His books and life's work were inspired by an event that occurred in 1977 when he was taken aboard a spacecraft by three extraterrestrial astronauts. He was returned sunburned and covered in a honey/oil-like substance. He is a US Correspondent and host of his own internet TV show The Perala Report, and has been featured on: CNN, The FOX Network, Showtime, and Coast to Coast AM to name a few… 

  Are you prepared to experience the most experience the most exciting events scheduled for Planet Earth?  Join Robert Perala as he shares the startling yet intelligent wisdom revealed to him by extraterrestrials emissaries. Dubbed a "messenger," Robert reveals the mysteries of UFOs, Ets, near-death experiences, alien abductions, mystical people, magical phenomena, angelic visitations, secrets of the pyramids, extraterrestrial wisdom, and much, much more! Travel with him around the world & discover mystery.