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Richard West
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Metaphysical Teacher, Entity Removal Boot Camp Facilitator
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Soul Contract Removal and Why Its Important

I am an intuitive, metaphysical trainer and practitioner and out of body traveler, who has been involved in a quest for personal truth and techniques for spiritual growth and development for over 40 years.  During this time I have researched and developed various techniques for assisting with getting out of body, doing soul contract revocations, past-life recall, traumatic incident reduction, entity handling and removal and a few other things.  I have tried all kinds of things and spent thousands looking for whatever would work.  Through it all it's always been about understanding the condition and situation we find ourselves in and using techniques I have either found or developed myself, on how to get out of this density and this matrix universe... and not get tricked into coming back yet again.
Lets clear a few terms here so you can begin talking 'the language' of soul contract agreement revocation :
Without getting all technical, and new agey about it... in this context, the soul is you.  You are the soul or being that has (theoretically) made agreements with others.
1. An agreement between two or more parties for the doing or not doing of something specified.
2. A binding agreement between two or more persons or parties; especially : one legally enforceable
Soul Contract:
Simply stated we are talking about agreements that you have made before coming into this human existence, before coming into this incarnation as a human.  So you could say, as a Soul, but not born into a physical human form, you have theoretically or actually made some binding agreements.  These agreements are between you and the counter parties.
1.  to invalidate or cause to no longer be ineffective, as by voiding or canceling: Her license was revoked.
2.   to take back or withdraw; cancel; rescind: to revoke a law. 
Soul Contracts are Agreements made before you were born, before you incarnated on Earth.
It's a REAL good idea to REVOKE (aka REMOVE or CLEAR) these agreements from your conscious and unconscious mind.
Doing so will immediately start changing your life in profound and powerful ways.
We will talk more about on the show !
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