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Guest Name
Renata Ash
Guest Occupation
Alternative Therapist, Biodyanmic Psychotherapist, Clinical Aromatherapist, Shamanic Healer, Musician, Teacher, Spiritualist, Coach, Mind-Body Connector
Guest Biography

Renat Ash, also known as the Blue Star Woman, was born in Austria and trained in medicine and numerous alternative therapies, amongst them biodynamic psychotherapy, clinical aromatherapy, Vocal Awareness, PSYCH-K and various forms of energy medicine and shamanic healing. She is an internationally renowned healer, musician and teacher specialising in spiritual psychotherapy and the mind-body connection.

Renata’s extraordinary ability to clearly see the energetic status of the people she works with makes her a powerful healer and coach who is able to pinpoint problem areas and suggest effective ways to overcome challenges and return to a state of balance.

Her work is focused on helping people take responsibility for their experiences and trust in their own ability and power to make changes that allow their lives to unfold in the most inspiring, fulfilling and empowering way possible.

Rainbow Medicine Circle was founded by Steven & Renata Ash, a husband and wife team of therapists, international teachers and gifted healers who specialise in personal development, energy psychology and shamanism. Renata and Steven are recognised worldwide as experts in the field of energy medicine and have researched and worked with the human energy anatomy for over 20 years. Together they developed the Rainbow Essences – a new generation of flower and gemstone essences perfectly tuned to the human energy body and designed to help people embrace change and move through life’s challenges with more grace and ease. They are also the originators of the Golden Light Project, a powerful 13 day program for personal and global healing and transformation that has gained worldwide reputation for its effectiveness and no-nonsense approach to spiritual and personal growth.