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Guest Name
Paul Sutliff
Guest Occupation
Writer, Teacher
Guest Biography

Paul Sutliff has a BA in Religion and Philosophy from Roberts Wesleyan College and a Master's in Education from Nazareth College of Rochester. He is a teacher and was a published research writer in his field before he was made aware that the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT or Triple I-T) gave Nazareth $500,000 (a HALF MILLION DOLLARS!). Paul had hear of IIIT before somewhere but he did not remember why. So after an hour's worth of research he wrote the president of Nazareth and was ignored. He posted his letter to the president on an alumni site. He was soon black listed for asking questions. Paul says that is the wrong thing to do a research writer! Since then Paul has written two books, appeared on several radio shows and two TV shows. Paul says he will go wherever he is invited to get this message of truth out about the war of Civilization Jihad being waged against Canada and the USA.