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Guest Name
Nikki Gregg
Guest Occupation
Business Owner, Fitness Trainer, Professional Stand Up Paddle Athlete
Guest Biography

Nikki Gregg is a professional stand up paddle athlete, fitness coach, business owner, traveler, outdoor adventurer, TV host, and writer.  Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Nikki began her journey west into the mountains when she discovered the great outdoors while in college and excelled in a variety of outdoor sports. 

After a near fatal snowboarding accident, she moved to the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii, where she learned to surf and became a sought after fitness trainer because of her cutting edge training philosophies.   In 2007 she discovered the then unheard of sport of stand up paddling and became a leader and a pioneer in the sport of SUP.

For over 8 years she has immersed herself in the growth of the sport and became a pioneer of stand up paddling.  As a well respected figure in the sport, she is considered to be the ‘First Lady of SUP’, 'Queen of SUP', and has earned Woman of the Year award on numerous occasions.  Currently her home base is Hood River, OR, however she is usually found traveling around the world working on different projects,  her goal to inspire others to experience their full potential in life.

After a traumatic year in 2014, Nikki decided to take the winter off from her professional life.   A series of negative events forced her to awaken spiritually and seek out answers as to why her life was being turned upside down.  It was a lonely journey up until she stepped up and asked for help, which is exactly when she met James and spent a few weeks at Eceti.  She’s here to come forward and share her experiences and give some support who are waking up and going through the same journey.