Guest, Nicole Drakulich

Guest Name: 
Nicole Drakulich
Nicole Drakulich
Guest Occupation: 
Artist / Graphic Designer, Wellness Activist
Guest Biography: 


Artist / Graphic Designer, diagnosed with a rare genetic eye disease in 2008 is slowly loosing her eyesight but gaining her inner vision. She speaks about turning a negative into a positive with finding a new career path and appreciation for life through her spiritual journey. She is bringing an IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE for ALL…

Travel through space and time in every class, inside immersive landscapes designed to elevate your soul and expand your consciousness using projected imagery and sound.

ORAYA offers a new paradigm of PILATES – YOGA – WELLNESS and proples this global movement toward a more connected and elevated human species.

Oraya’s mission is to create a heart centered movement through a global community that raises mind, body and soul awareness. Similar to Soul Cycle and Crossfit, Oraya’s Pilates and yoga classes will inspire beyond the physical, guiding participants toward an elevated fitness experience through curated teaching techniques and a unique, immersive environment combined with visuals and sound.

A big part will be giving back with a portion of proceeds flowing toward women’s education and the evolution toward a more balanced work force and, ultimately, world. Our goal is to boost the economy and expand female empowerment. This is the time for women to rise and come to the forefront.

Taking the mind body connection to a deeper level than other Pilates and yoga studios, we will offer meditation classes, inspiring lectures and workshops about spirituality, metaphysics, sacred geometry and healing modalities.

The wellness aspect will offer light medicine, Reiki, sound healing and detoxification.

Our organic bar offers snacks, juices, elixirs, tonics, coffee and teas.

We will also have a clothing line, skincare line, and yoga mats. A portion of all proceeds will benefit women’s education and women in the arts.