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Guest Name
Nick Martin
Guest Occupation
Doctorate in Education, Social Worker, School Psychologist, Therapist, Mental Health Researcher, University Professor, Consultant, Rehabilitator, Psychotherapist
Guest Biography

Dr. Nickolas Martin has masters degrees in the areas of social work and school psychology, as well as a doctoral degree in education.  He is also a certified school psychologist, nationally certified school psychologist, and licensed psychologist in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  He has worked as a therapist in a mental health clinic for 22 years, taught as a university professor at the undergraduate and graduate levels for 24 years, and served as a consultant for the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation for 22 years.  These professional experiences include having conducted several thousand psychotherapy sessions, psychological evaluations, and class meetings.  He notes that all of these experiences have taught him about the centrality and paramount importance of ego within a person’s life.