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Natasha Todorovic is co-founder of NVC Consulting
Guest Biography

Dr. Natasha Todorovic-Cowan deals with resistance to change, cultures in conflict, strategic partnerships, dysfunctional teams, incongruent leadership, and strategy implementation. Natasha’s expertise includes unraveling the people side of organizational problems from C-suite to shop floor, enabling leaders to make informed change choices.  Her training is conducted in 14 countries globally.

Todorovic earned a master’s degree in business administration from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, graduating with honors. She also holds a doctor of clinical hypnotherapy degree with a focus in accelerated learning, and is certified in the Adizes Methodology, a powerful corporate transformation process.

Todorovic is co-editor, with NVC Consulting co-founder Chris Cowan, of Graves: Levels of Human Existence and The Never Ending Quest: Clare W. Graves Explores Human Nature. The Graves material was transferred to them in 2000. She is also co-author, with Chris Cowan, of The Human Spiral. She continues to develop Spiral Dynamics programs and course materials based on research and field testing.