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Guest Name
Michelle Rusk
Guest Occupation
Ph.D, Mental Health, Suicide Awareness & Prevention, Author & Speaker
Guest Biography

Michelle L. Rusk, Ph.D., knew she wanted to tell stories from an early age, making picture books, mostly about Raggedy Ann. The dream to write never died even through the suicide death of her younger sister, Denise, who had been a major part of Michelle’s creative childhood. The journey took Michelle to writing multiple books on suicide loss, a doctorate in family studies, and speaking and writing worldwide on the topic. However, she never lost sight of her creative side and today spends her time writing fiction and inspiring the world through color and patterns with her lifestyle brand, Chelle Summer.  She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with her husband Greg and their two dogs, Lilly and Ash. Read more about Michelle and her inspirations at