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Guest Name
Michael Brabant
Michael Brabant
Guest Occupation
Consultant and Teacher
Guest Biography

Michael Brabant is an Integral Awakening coach, evolutionary consultant, and emerging teacher of relational spiritual practice and collective awakening. He is interested in how to synthesize the various streams of some of the world's most potent healing and transformational technologies and translate them to be offered to the most amount of people for the most amount of local and global benefit. He is finishing his PhD in Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies at Saybrook University. His dissertation is studying the efficacy of an embodied leadership curriculum he is co-creating and co-teaching at Sonoma State University for undergraduate students. He is continually studying and practicing new ways that human beings can come together and co-create world-impacting initiatives, awaken as individuals and collectives, and engage in more transparent, loving, and synergistic ways. You can learn more about Michael and his work by visiting