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Guest Name
Meg Blackburn Losey
Guest Occupation
Bestselling author, artist and celebrity
Guest Biography

Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D. is more than a bestselling author, artist and celebrity. She is known for her well-grounded, very real no- holds-barred approach to everything she does. She is an in-your-face teacher and does it with a heart of gold. She is extremely well traveled in constant pursuit of ancient evidence that leads to who we are today and what the ancients were really trying to tell us about our origins and capabilities.

Referred to by her readers as Dr. Meg, she is passionate about consciousness, healing and the overall construct of creation--including and beyond the measurable physical world. She has spent nearly 20 years researching the possibilities of consciousness and awareness and has vast personal experiences from which to draw.

She has been an advocate for the Children of Now since her bestselling book, The Children of Now was released in the early 2000’s. It quickly became an international bestseller and is currently available in more than 30 languages. The Children of Now is also designated as a seminal work.

Her work has literally changed social paradigms, challenged the school system, and the medical profession, as well as others who are responsible for our children. Dr., Meg maintains that we are dealing with a fast-forward evolution of human consciousness never before seen. She is greatly aware of the challenges parents and caregivers are faced with, and doesn't just ask questions. She gets the answers, too!

Dr. Meg teaches a year-long certification course called “Touching the Light”, during which she teaches not only great life skills, but also the etheric anatomy and how to access, recognize and make changes that can bring forward healing from a holistic manner in every direction.

She is also a dedicated amateur archeologist and anthropologist who travels the world learning about places that offer strange, mysterious and different perspectives on the history of mankind and our world. She is well known and respected by indigenous peoples world wide. Dr. Meg takes groups to sacred places, immersing them in local traditions, ceremonies and teachings. She does this with unparalleled enthusiasm and deep, well-steeped knowledge of each location.

Dr. Meg is a Master Healer and Medical Intuitive. She is a seer and a visionary. Always open to the unknown and new possibilities, she loves to learn by experience , and then factor those experiences into her teachings. She has worked with a great number of families and children, as well as lectured and presented as a keynote speaker both nationally and internationally. She teaches workshops and teleconferences as well.

Dr. Meg is considered an expert regarding the new generation and the challenges they face, and also nearly all things metaphysical. And she backs up her findings with science every way possible. She is dedicated to the truth behind the stories, and researches extensively to maintain a level of expertise and knowledge that she loves to share.