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Matthew Slaughter
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Earthfort President & Lab Director
Guest Biography

About Earthfort And How It Began Fixing Broken Dirt!

Earthfort is a small company with a big heart! Earthfort was founded in 2004 in Corvallis, Oregon by Matt Slaughter (President, Lab Director and Soil Specialist of Earthfort) and Dr. Elaine R. Ingham to address the needs of Soil Foodweb testing clients on how to repair their damaged soils. Starting out in the back office of the Soil Foodweb Lab, Earthfort grew quickly, testing and reselling soil and compost related products that were commercially available and proven quality products. Soil is a fundamental resource that often needs restoration. Whether you have degraded soil or good quality soil we can help make it better. That’s why we offer our support and products to all the dedicated agricultural workers, landscape managers, and everyday farmers who care about the environment as much as we do!

For over a decade our lab has provided detailed soil biology profiles for land managers across multiple industries.  Using these profiles we have created custom products to help revitalize tired, worn out soils and to boost the effectiveness of composts and teas.  Utilize our expertise to help unlock the productivity in your soil! No matter what you grow, Earthfort improves its health and quality. Our expertise improves soil fertility, water retention, nutrient uptake and overall soil health. What sets us apart is the ability to measure soil health through lab testing.

Test your soil with us, attend one of our educational programs, or try our products and see how we can help you. Soil microbiology: Measure it, manage it. Earthfort labs and offices are located in Corvallis, Oregon – the heart of the beautiful Willamette Valley.

Contact us at: 541-257-2612, or email us at: