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Guest Name
Loves Grace
Fancesca Oldani
Guest Occupation
Alchemist, Weaver, Energy Healer
Guest Biography

My Medicine Baskets are my prayers, my stories, my songs of creation, my vessels for alchemical healing, for medicine, wisdom, love, courage and hope.

I claim, untangle and weave my thread of consciousness back into the fabric of the Universe, the tapestry of this precious life on Earth.

I began weaving again after returning from the cosmos after a near death experience on June 11th, 2012 and experiencing several strokes.

I choose the path of non traditional self healing, I went to live in a tent in the woods to let nature help me heal myself. Safely cradled and loved in Mother Natures lap, I gathered her gifts, and began to weave my way to health and wholeness, rewiring my brain to remember  how to speak, and  to reclaim the use of my body.

I use pine needles, natural fibers, plants, feathers, fur, and found objects to reweave the threads and strands of my consciousness, soul, psyche, brain and flesh into a new life and story.