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Guest Name
Lorraine Simone
Guest Occupation
Speaker, Visionary, Teacher, Moonfire Meeting Hourse Founder, Editor, Empowerment Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Healer, Spiritualist, Shamanic Practitioner
Guest Biography

Lorraine Simone, Rev., M.S. Ed., C.Ht.

Lorraine Simone, M.S. Ed. in Environmental Science, is a well known speaker, inspired visionary and beloved teacher who effectively bridges the gap between the mystery in living a spiritual life and its quantum perspective and the nitty-gritty of Western thinking and its pragmatic perception.

In 1990 Ms. Simone founded Moonfire Meeting House on Eastern Long Island and dedicated it to creating community and living in harmony with the Earth. She is also the editor of its newsletter called Ways of the Talking Stick. Ms. Simone started The School of Women's Ways in 1995 to empower women and girls, to heal their lives and change the world. With humor and devotion, she designs and offers programs such as Compassionate Communication, A Goddess for All Seasons, and Vibrational Medicine Ways, and teaches workshops that bring to life her expertise in Deep Ecology, Healing Arts, Women's Mysteries, Creation Spirituality, and Shamanic Practices.

Ms. Simone's search for personal and planetary balance through communion with the Earth and the ways of the sacred feminine has led her to Native elders and teachers from many traditions. When she opened her retail store, Planet Earth, in Manhattan in 1985, she met Oh Shinnáh Fast Wolf, a renowned Apache-Mohawk teacher, with whom she has maintained an apprenticeship for eighteen years. Oh Shinnáh dreamed the Spirit name Deep Arrow Woman for Ms. Simone, as is the tradition of her people, and performed a naming ceremony for her. Today Deep Arrow Woman initiates her own apprentices who form the back bone of Moonfire Meeting House as the Deep Arrow Lodge.

Deep Arrow is committed to keeping alive and making available to her community the sacred ways and ceremonies that Native and other earth-honoring teachers have given to her. Together with Oh Shinnáh, she leads groups of non-native participants on an annual quest for transformation called The Journey of the Waters, an ancient cellular healing and initiation ceremony of the people called Apache.

Ms. Simone's inspirational CDs and forthcoming, "Spiritual Quest - Tools and Practices for the Everyday Shaman", are based on her Compassionate Communication Series. Her tireless pursuit to bring the vision and compassion of the Sacred Feminine to the people of the Earth forms the basis of Deep Arrow's forthcoming book.

Ms. Simone has been featured on numerous TV and radio shows, and in magazines and newspapers, including Newsweek, New York Magazine, and The New York Times. (See below for links to articles and audio interviews.)

Deep Arrow maintains a spiritual counseling practice in Southampton and Manhattan and facilitates "A Circle of Women" from Montauk to Manhattan. Locally and nationally her work includes: facilitating workshops, circles and retreats; creating personal rituals for clients; and conducting ceremonies for individuals and communities. Deep Arrow's ministerial work encompasses wedding ceremonies and other life observances.