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Liz Nicholls
Guest Occupation
Certified Coach & Licensed Facilitator - Coaching women with epilepsy
Guest Biography

Liz Nicholls is A Woman in Motion!

Getting Epilepsy at the age of 21 changed her life, it changed her! No one likes to feel marginalized by a medical condition. That is something that Liz Nicholls has fought hard not to be for most of her adult life. One of her specialties in Transformational Coaching is for women with epilepsy. Purely because she has been there, and knows that the struggles are both the same as everyone else and sometimes unique, as with any of life's challenges.

"It changes how you see yourself, how you feel about things, the world and everyone around you. It causes you to look at everything in a very different perspective"

​Liz Nicholls knows what it is to have lost everything and come back. At 21 she started learning how to live with a medical condition that few people really understand the impact of. She lost her job, her drivers license, and the impact of living with this uncertain challenge that flares up has given her a compassionate heart and now she taps into this in her important work. 

At 38 she made a life-changing decision. At 55, after surviving the loss of a parent, end of a long-term relationshiop, and overcoming chronic health issues, Liz recognized the need to find herself and her true purpose in life.
She studied under influential empowering women, worked for coaching companies and listened to 100's of women's stories at the same cross roads. It was at this time that she started her own business "Women In Motion", providing personal development and business resources for women.

Today, Liz helps women with epilepsy through her coaching programs, designed to support those women who she knows often still live in fear.  When epilepsy can appear without warning, it is easy to step into being a victim, and Liz has learned the strategies to keep her mindset in "Victor" mode!

She has climbed her way outside her box, having set out on a course alone in a search for resources to demand her life back from Grand Mal Epilepsy. She devoted time and effort to study blending cultures of health and align herself with the right people to overcome her blockages to live a fulfilling life.

Elizabeth (Liz) Nicholls is an Advocate for  Epilepsy.  Connect with Liz via her website at:

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