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Guest Name
Lee Oskar
Guest Occupation
Virtuoso Harmonica player with WAR and LowRider Band
Guest Biography

L   E   E

O   S   K   A   R



W  A  R





Lee Oskar is an internationally acclaimed harmonica virtuoso, composer, producer, and lifelong musical explorer. He is renowned for his iconic role as a founding member and lead harmonica player of the pioneering funk/jazz band that composed and recorded such hits as “Low Rider,” “Spill the Wine,” “Cisco Kid,” “The World is a Ghetto,” “Slippin’ into Darkness,” “Why Can’t Be Friends,” and many more chart-topping songs from 1969-1993.  Since then, Oskar and his original band mates from that era perform as the LowRider Band. Oskar also performs around the world with outstanding musicians from the Pacific Northwest, known as Lee Oskar and Friends, featuring his own new arrangements, innovative compositions and well-loved hit songs.

Lee Oskar is a world-renowned harmonica virtuoso, composer, producer, visual artist, musical explorer and harmonica manufacturer. Internationally renowned for his unique role as a founding member and former lead harmonica player for the pioneer Funk/Jazz group, WAR, Lee’s stellar career as a globally touring musician uniquely equipped him to become a revolutionary harmonica maker. In the 70’s, Lee grew increasingly frustrated with the poor quality of harmonicas that were on the market at the time. So he went on a quest to find a superior quality manufacturer that could meet his needs and bring his design ideas to life. In the early ’80’s, he found the perfect partner in Tombo Manufacturing of Japan, a multi-generational harmonica manufacturer known for excellence since 1917.

Together, Lee Oskar and Tombo collaborated closely to perfect Lee Oskar Harmonicas, pairing Lee’s design ideas, creativity and musical knowledge with Tombo’s manufacturing expertise and commitment to superlative quality.

A Showcase of Lee Oskar products and his life's work.


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