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Guest Name
Lea Walters
Guest Occupation
Hemp Solutionary and Owner/Partner at Aligned Partners
Guest Biography

Lea Walters is a Hemp Solutionary and an Independent Facilitator for EMC² Energy. As such, everything has a frequency. These frequencies can be quantified and put into an Energetic Balancing program. This is what the AIM Program does, provide balancing frequencies 24/7.

AIM Program Facilitators are independent representatives of EMC². We provide you with the opportunity to receive Energetic Balancing. Facilitators are trained by EMC² in the fundamental beliefs and practices of EMC² and the AIM Program. We provide support to those participating in the AIM Program, and assist those wanting information about AIM. We help you understand what the AIM Program is about. We assist you with the application process. We host "Share Group Meetings" in person and via telephone conferencing, for those already on AIM, and those interested in our Program.