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Guest Name
Laurie Roth
Guest Occupation
The Psychic Therapist
Guest Biography

Laurie LeahAna (Roth), often called “The Psychic Therapist” is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, Sound/Energy-Light Vibrational Healer, Hypnotherapist, Workshop Facilitator, Musician/Composer, Author, Comedic Performer & Radio Show Host and Hand-reader.

Laurie holds 2 Masters Degrees, in Recreation Therapy and Counseling Psychology, and a Music Teaching Credential.   She has worked in public schools, diverse community social services agencies and has and over 30 years’ experience in private practice.

In the 1990’s Laurie went through a period of spontaneous inner initiations which opened up new avenues of perceptions and healing abilities. These abilities became an integral part of her work. Clients began to report spontaneous physical healing as a side effect of her unique blend of traditional therapeutic practices and spiritual gifts.  If listeners want more info about live upcoming group programs or private sessions  Call 707 536-9544.