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Kristen Miller
Guest Occupation
Premium Mentor, Coach and Consultant
Guest Biography

Premium Mentor, Coach and Consultant, helping high-achieving individuals to Redefine And Redesign For A Thoroughbred Life. Helping business warriors to find new levels of intrinsic success - those misalinged millionaires seeking personal fulfilment and deeper happiness.

Kristen is an intuitive business mentor who specializes in self-actualization, personal power alchemy and mindset mastery. She also offers private leadership coaching and consulting.

A renowned as a ‘human potential powerhouse’, Kristen acts as a significant success catalyst for business owners and executives by tapping into their undercover business brilliance to increase top-line turnover and profits through a multi-pronged approach.

She creates a peaceful, purposeful and passionate space of clarity, elevation, direction and leverage for her clients by working across 3 key influencers which innately support (or hinder) every human:
→ Mindset Mastery,
→ Integration & Embodiment,
→ Physical/Energetic Expression.

Because all businesses are built by and for people, Kristen is particularly passionate about creating transformational shifts through mental resilience and emotional agility. She reminds her brave business warriors that they, themselves, are their greatest asset. As within, so without.

Her diverse background across three continents was the foundation for her visionary thinking, and she successfully guides others in Sales and Marketing, Human Capital, Creative Solutions and Leadership.

Kristen offers premium mentorship programs uniquely designed around the Thoroughbred horse as a symbol of our innately Perfect Pedigree. We’re all here to play in blissfully awakened 7- and 8-figure arenas!

Born into poverty, Kristen comes from humble beginnings where she often played barefoot in corn fields picturing life as a My Little Pony episode.

An entrepreneurial spirit since eleven, it wasn’t until she was thirty that Kristen finally ignited her business flames and registered her first company. She founded and fast-tracked three international businesses and became a millionaire within 3 years… only to discover that she was ultimately misfiring, misaligned and unhappy.

Kristen made a life-changing decision on Christmas Day 2015 to change her life and follow her heart. She promptly sold or gifted everything she’d ever worked for, including the businesses she’d built from the ground up, and moved to a small fishing village to start anew.

Shortly thereafter, with the closure of her last investment facilitation business under belt, Kristen enjoyed a sabbatical on a tropical island and worked with horses so that she could step away from the corporate environment completely. Thus, she created space for her highest purpose to start expressing itself through her.

Despite the judgement, ridicule and rejection from her immediate family and friends (many thought she’d lost the plot!), Kristen resolutely continued on her path and turned her privately trading equestrian enterprise into a mentoring, coaching and consulting business. She often jokes that if it weren’t for her spiritual awaking in 2016, she doesn’t know if she’d be here today!

A natural leader with spiritual gifts, it was only at thirty-six that Kristen began to honor her multi-faceted talents and skill sets in this world, including healing. Having already amplified her business tack room under the likes of Tony Robbins for the commercial world up to 2010, Kristen immersed herself in study material from Dr Deepak Chopra, Martha Beck, Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Dr Sue Morter, Marci Shimoff and Ken Wilbur. To name a few…

Today, Kristen thrives as a premium mentor with a hybrid business model which incorporates coaching and consulting.

She excels at helping other business owners elevate their consciousness, reveal their untapped business brilliance, unlock their greatest potential by rewiring subconscious patterns, untether trauma ties, transmute lingering energetic resonance which limits their expansion, and step into fulfilling lives of wisdom, wealth and legacy-level leadership with confidence, clarity and conviction.

Her ideal clients are seemingly successful people whom the outside world admires or celebrates, but feel lackluster, lost, empty, misfiring, disconnected, over-stressed, lonely, anxious, overwhelmed or frustrated within. They question the purpose of their very being.

She created her 5-Step LUNGE™ Framework which incorporates three key influencing factors for every human: the mindset component, the integration and embodiment component, and the energetics component.

Today, she leads a consciously designed life of purpose, fulfilment, freedom, fun, faith and fortune; and she’s on a mission to help others do the same!

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