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Guest Name
Kenneth Hyde Hopkins
Guest Occupation
Author of Earth Transformations
Guest Biography

Kenneth has had and continues to have, Out of Body experiences, time travel, contact, and dialogues with celestials, psychic awareness, and telepathic communications. He is currently in the process of video rerecording his night home abductions, which have been identified in still pictures as Plasma Teleportation.  
He is the author of “Earth Transformations”. 
This is a book written for Contactees about the beginning of awareness and the journey ahead. Many of us have had thousands of contacts with Celestials and are not aware of this. These Celestial contacts can be recalled in dreamlike memories.

As a young child, Kenneth became involved in Mk-Ultra, with a Dr. Vincent Perlo out of Harvard and Yale Universities. He grew up unaware of his abductions, missing time, wrist watches not working, and scuffs on his shoes were mysteries he could not understand as a child. While attending Northeastern University he was given a job working for a Defense Department Contractor and became involved with the Department of Defense, and a series of abductions. 

Kenneth has experienced abductions since infancy by three different groups and has been under surveillance for 40 years. Several homicides and surveillance had him run into the Navy to hide. He ignored missing time for many years, then pursued hypnosis and became aware of the incidences of abductions.

For 10 years now since birth, Kenneth has been explaining these interdimensional experiences through hypnosis. This process has illuminated memories of souls' interactions and purposes.

Through sharing these experiences he's hoping to gather Beings with these realities to deal together with an awakening of our eternal souls' incarnational missions.