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Guest Name
Katie Griboski
Guest Occupation
UFO investigator and researcher, Strike Team Area Researcher, Special Assignment Team Investigator
Guest Biography

Katie Griboski

UFO investigator and researcher Katie Griboski is Colorado MUFON's state director. She is a Strike Team Area Researcher, and Special Assignment Team Investigator for the Mutual UFO Network. 

She serves on the Colorado MUFON Board of Directors and is team lead and administrator for MUFON’s Archive, Research, and Reporting System (the MARRS Team). 

Katie has been a UFO/ET/paranormal experiencer since childhood. In 2010, she embarked on a journey to unlock the mysteries of her past, seeking answers to experiences that began with events occurring on a Colorado ranch she and her family would visit in the mid-1970s.

She later realized that what she and others experienced on that ranch were very similar to what residents and researchers had encountered on the infamous Skinwalker Ranch in northeastern Utah. 

Many of the events that occurred on the Colorado ranch of her childhood were also recorded in the book Hunt for the Skinwalker by renowned UFO researchers Colm A. Kelleher, Ph.D. (author) and George Knapp (author), in the chapter titled “Other Hotspots,” as well as in many other books.

Katie conducts her own independent research and investigations, frequently visiting archives with UFO reports, and traveling to different regions to conduct face-to-face interviews with experiencers and eyewitnesses.

Katie founded the Colorado UFO Paranormal Research group to further explore these topics, and to share her discoveries with others. 

She enjoys communicating about her experiences and research, and has presented on UFO and ET experiencer topics to numerous UFO and paranormal groups.

A mother of five, Katie holds a bachelor of science degree in visual communications, and enjoys doing graphic design work in her spare time.

For more information on Katie’s work and on MUFON, visit: or Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: YQ-Q/featured