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Guest Name
Kathryn Samuelson
Guest Occupation
practicing attorney, intuitive counselor, certified life coach
Guest Biography

Formerly a practicing attorney, Kathryn felt called to move to Massachusetts from Illinois, where she is following a path of spiritual seeking and work, including work as an intuitive counselor and a certified life coach.

As an intuitive, she gives readings using spiritual writing, a practice she has engaged in since 1993. She uses this method to obtain the information and guidance that the angels and guides have for you. 

She was certified by the University of New Hampshire as a life coach in 2007 and has been offering my services as a life coach since then. She is open to all clients to whom she can be of service; however, she is deeply interested in helping those undergoing a transition in their lives - whether it is a move, a job or career change, or a loss of someone they love.

She also offer the service of teaching my clients basic meditation skills, and, where needed, will use guided meditations to help her clients.

She brings empathy and insight to her practice, using the particular techniques that most benefit her clients. She also brings the analytic skills that she honed while a practicing attorney. The combination of her skills and training allow her to ask the questions that need to be asked and to provide support and guidance to her clients.