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Kathi Sohn
Kathi Sohn
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Kathi Sohn is a distinguished Naval War College graduate who retired from a 36-year federal career to continue the powerful healing work created by her late husband, David William Sohn, called the Body Memory Process.  This approach teaches childhood vow formation and facilitates vow discovery and release. For over 30 years, hundreds of clients have experienced profound life changes because of this work, including release from health issues like diabetes and migraines, improved relationships, and financial gain. Ms. Sohn now promotes her multi-media course, Discover YourChildhood Vows, Change Your Life, and is currently writing a book on the Body Memory Process.

Relevance of work to sports parents and young athletes

All children between time in the womb and about seven years of age form their core belief system about how "I am," how others are and how life is. These beliefs can make a very deep level of impact on self-identity, determining how one will behave, and what risks they will or will not take in life - articulated as a "vow." Example is "I will never lose." This sounds life-affirming until you consider the consequences of losing with this vow in place. Childhood vows can negatively impact health, relationships, finances and overall wellness in the adult. Parents of athletes who are unaware of the vow dynamic could have particularly high expectations and inadvertently cause the creation of new and reinforcement of existing vows in their children.