Guest, Karen Sherbut

Guest Name: 
Karen Sherbut
Karen Sherbut
Guest Occupation: 
Founder, Marketer, Heart-based Entrepreneur
Guest Biography: 

A less than ideal childhood ultimately prepared Karen Sherbut for the role of her life as a role model, mentor, and humanitarian. In this capacity she provides what she so desperately had once needed; ultimately improving the lives of many young women, their families, and loved ones. Karen’s dream of providing for homeless girls came to fruition in 1996, when alongside her husband John, founded Safe Haven Foundation of Canada. Volunteering at the helm of the Foundation, Karen’s steadfast commitment continues to shape a better and brighter future for all of us.

With 40 years of senior management and leadership experience, Karen has been extensively involved in the development and implementation of businesses at both grassroots and national levels. An engaging and innovative leader, Karen’s focus on results-oriented programs, financial accountability, public relations, and award-winning campaigns have provided an enviable advantage to the Foundation. Karen’s passion remains visible and reflective through the time she dedicates not only to the Foundation but to the many boards and advisory roles she has undertaken over the years.

In addition, for the past 22 years, Karen has been employed as the Vice President of Marketing at Britgary Properties. In recent years, Karen’s expertise has expanded to include operations and strategic planning of some of the Britgary’s newest endeavours

Karen has stood and fought her way through every challenge life threw at her; turning her adversity into a fire that would go on to change the world. It was this passion that drove Karen and her husband John to start the Safe Haven Foundation of Canada. She has empowered not just the 80+ girls that have gone through the program, but impacted countless others as an inspiration, mentor and beacon of light in what can be a very dark world.

This is more than a story of my survival. This is the story of a husband and wife, who stood side by side and took on the world to pave the way for at-risk youth to write their own success story.
Karen & Yvonne at the Women of Inspiration Gala 2019