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Guest Name
Jon Kelly
Jon Kelly
Guest Occupation
World Famous Speech Analyst and UFO Video Documentarian
Guest Biography

Jon Kelly is a world famous speech analyst who says that people's unconscious thoughts and feelings can be discovered by listening to their speech recordings played in reverse. Jon has applied this procedure as an international clinician providing individual and family counseling, as a forensic analyst supporting federal police and intelligence agencies in Canada, the United States and overseas, as well as an investigative reporter to hundreds of radio shows and as a former feature producer for CBS Radio.

As a reporter Jon famously analyzed the 2001 President George W. Bush inaugural address in reverse to reveal key intelligence concerning the Iraq War two years in advance, identified the BTK Killer on Wichita morning radio 15 minutes before he confessed and disclosed Oprah Winfrey's true feelings about author James Frey two weeks before she called Frey a liar on national television.

Jon's communications research has been covered by the CBC, BBC London, Deutschlandradio Berlin, Coast to Coast AM, Bay TV, Uncovered TV, CBS Television, the SF Weekly, JAR - The Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research, Prediction Magazine (in the UK) along with hundreds of other media outlets around the world. Jon has also been recognized as a paranormal photographer producing spectacular images that have been featured in the crop circle documentary "Star Dreams".

With his discovery of President Obama's secret inaugural message regarding "alien saucers" Jon began conducting field research and producing a series of compelling infrared video recordings that document the aerial activities of intelligent civilizations co-existing with our own. A natural visionary and long-time yoga meditation practitioner Jon believes that the light from these sightings stimulates beneficial development of the unconscious mind of the observer. He also feels that the potential for human contact with Cosmic phenomena as described in yoga literature and the testimonies of UFO/ET experiencers begins in the deep inner recesses of the mind. Jon says that these recesses can be accessed through the sound of the human voice.

Alfred Webre, the father of Exopolitics, calls Jon Kelly "a courageous and learned individual ... (who) has spent many years studying reverse speech analysis and is a leading expert in the field. His results and historical accuracy speak for themselves."