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Jodi O'Malley
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Jodi O’Malley of America’s Frontline nurses

Since the beginning of this pandemic, Jodi O'Malley has worked with our nation's highest-risk population, our beloved Native Americans, on the COVID unit. In addition, she has worked tirelessly, equipping herself with the latest scientific research from experts in their fields.

She started her medical career delivering food trays and now specializes in the ICU, ER, Preop/PACU, pain management, detox and recovery, chemotherapy, and House Supervisor. She knows how the hospital system works, and advocating for her patients is something she's always done well.

Recently, she became a federal whistle-blower and spoke out against underreported vaccine injuries and the refusal of a patient's right to try with Project Veritas. She believes strongly in informed consent, medical freedom, and the right to try.