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Guest Name
Jeannine Wiest
Guest Occupation
certified CranioSacral Therapist
Guest Biography

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ABOUT JEANNINE WIEST, author, healer, holistic coach, craniosacral therapist

Jeannine has led a non-linear life, but the constant has always been art and connection.

Born in Lansing, Michigan, Wiest grew up in New York City where she attended the famed High School of Performing Arts. She went on to receive a BFA from Purchase College which led to her becoming a dancer on Broadway. After moving to Los Angeles, she created a successful design firm, designing one-of-a-kind clothes for boutiques around the world. Jeannine re-invented herself as an Emmy-nominated costume designer.  But throughout her 20’s and 30’s Wiest was ill.

 Jeannine was mis-diagnosed twice with cancer.  In seeking answers to resolve her pain she discovered Craniosacral therapy It was only then, as she listened and developed new ways of relating to her body and “old stories” that she healed.  Pain free and impressed by the power of the work, she went into training to become a Craniosacral therapist.  Ten years ago Jeannine finally owned her gifts as a healer.

In her retreat-like office she offers solo Immersion VIP days, small group workshops on Ancestors and Abundance as well as creative Transformation Circle Days.  Virtually she offers VIP day coaching to Heal Your Mojo.

Jeannine’s new book The Alchemy of Self Healing is due out from New Page Books, October 20, 2014.  It’s a 30-day guidebook to having a sensory, healing relationship with your body. Your experience of the book can be augmented with personalized, customized phone sessions via individual and small group virtual circles.  This additional support and accountability is what helps you get the most from her step-by-step system.

Jeannine specializes in working with highly stressed, overwhelmed women, helping them transform the energy trapped in their body so they can reconnect with their creative power and release pain.  She works with three levels, physical, metaphysical and metaphorical to best facilitate your ability to turn what you may now find blah or ordinary, into the version of you which perceives the extraordinary.

A long-time Teaching Assistant for the Upledger Institute, she’s dissected a human cadaver, travelled with a group of therapists to Bali to give cranial treatments to chronically ill children (in the water), and developed her 4-part Cranial Alchemy system. She’s worked with creatives of all kinds from billionaires and executives to Oscar and Tony winners, writers, moms, business owners and corporate escapees! 

We are each creating all the time. The question is: Is it by default? Are we on a hamster wheel creating disease, stress or disconnection? Many of us are.

Jeannine can help you make big shifts and assist you in both healing and rebooting your soul purpose with ease.