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Jason Hughes
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Author, Tennis Star, NDEr, Holistic Counsellor, Teacher, Coach
Guest Biography

When fate intervened in his life, author Jason Hughes was forced to forge a new path. A horrific car crash killed his best friend and left Hughes battered in body but profoundly affected by a near-death experience filled with love. In this new book, he shares his belief that everyone possesses an “inner genius” that guides his life and expresses that genius, whether it is physical, mental or spiritual. Hughes calls that concept “Manstein,” in honor of scientific and mathematical genius Albert Einstein and his ability to express himself perfectly during his lifetime.

“Manstein: The Inner Genius Within Us All” aims to show readers how to achieve their own peace, happiness and productivity through developing their inner genius and recognizing their connection to the world and the love that abounds there. Hughes implores people to let go of the fears in their lives and trust in spiritual truth and love. He does not say the process will be easy; indeed, all living things experience ups and downs. Accessing inner genius through relationships, careers, family, hobbies, physical experiences, art or music allows people to shape their journey through life. Tools to realize Manstein include meditation, living according to spiritual law, choosing to be a light in the world, living in the moment, being grateful and – above all – recognizing spiritual love. As Hughes writes in the introduction, “We all have been divinely created to simply be extraordinary and to live a unique life of extraordinary purpose and success in our individual lives.”

Author Jason Hughes was a young rising tennis tournament star growing up in Old Saybrook, Conn., until a car accident at age 16 left him with a traumatic brain injury and killed his best friend. Hughes spent time in a coma and given only a 20 percent chance of survival. Three years of physical therapy helped heal his body, and his near-death experience changed his life. Hughes attended Tyler (Texas) Junior College to become certified by the U.S. Professional Tennis Association to teach tennis. He has a bachelor’s degree in communications from Northeastern University and a master’s degree in holistic counseling from Salve Regina University in Newport, R.I. He teaches at the Beverly Hills Tennis Center and is a holistic health life coach.