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Guest Name
Janis Meredith
Guest Occupation
Parenting Specialist & Coach in & out of sports & contributor to #HeySportsParents
Guest Biography

Janis B. Meredith, sports mom and coach's wife.

I was brought up in a family who loved sports, married a man who has coached for 29 years (football and softball) and have had three kids play youth sports from age 4 to college.

I see youth sports a bit differently, with a view from both sides of the bench. I believe in character building for kids in sports.

As a communications specialist and freelance writer, my kids are now 30, 27, and 24 and all three played sports in college. I am also a certified parent life coach.

I've seen just about everything in youth sports-good and bad. And I feel strongly about helping parents and young athletes build character through the athletic experience.

Playing sports brings excitement and recognition. It may even help pay for college and open doors for the future. But nothing will ever be more important than the type of person your son or daughter becomes in the process.