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James Kozlik
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Permaculture Design and Earth Homes
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 Interviewing James Kozlik on
Local Community Building

Jan. 11, 2014

by Christopher Rudy, Host of BBS Radio's Cosmic LOVE

James is a permaculture advocate who applies these principles to community building.  We’ll be discussing different processes for culturing community with practical models of ‘resource sharing’ and ‘skill exchange’ utilizing the
Currency of Conscience’.

Consider how:

·        All social problems are, at heart, ‘communication’ problems – how we
come into unity to overcome disempowering divisions with community.

·        The community building process is inseparable from enlightened “TLC” (TeLeComm) that optimizes heart coherence in our social networks.

·        Cooperative communication coordinations is the ordained paradigm shift from lockstep matrix group think to open systems of conscious evolution.

·        Open systems of freedom and opportunity make closed system of tyranny and austerity obsolete. This is the SHIFT from highly centralized, top-down programming of mainstream “BS” (Belief Systems)… and it is a paradigm shift towards highly decentralized, bottom-up, grassroots-to-‘Net-roots’ social Conscience in our local and global social networks.

Communication of, by and for community-social Conscience
translates to Conscience Currency.

The coordinates for this paradigm shift applies to a any social network community… defining and refining a process of ‘information’s ecology’ for organizing all information IN FORMATION… with a heart.

The Blessing of Global TeLeComm:
co-Creating in the new "grass-roots"
(Net roots) for "permanent culture"
(sustainable permaculture).  

For example, consider how the Internet has virtually eliminated time and space with instant, everywhere and interactive networking capabilities in our global social network communities.  Mankind is awakening to awareness of ourselves as the Family of Man in a global village. Local and global interdependence is a fact of life.  Almost half of the world's 7.2 billion people are now connected with smartphones, tablets, lap-top and desk-top computers.

Is it true that global Netizens now have a communications platform
 to get our act together as the Family of Man in a global village?

Are you aware that we could now create a permanent culture
   (sustainable permaculture) of, by and for ALL global Netizens?

Would you agree that humanity’s conscious evolutionary ascent
will make dimwit devolutionary descent obsolete?

There’s nothing more valuable than a vision for
 global TeLeComm that has found it’s time.

More high ground positioning points HERE.

So welcome James Kozlik to Cosmic LOVE 
with your presence.