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Guest Name
Helane Lipson
Guest Occupation
Psychic - Intuitive Astrologer Spiritual Counselor
Guest Biography

Helane Lipson is a highly skilled and gifted advisor, astrologer, Certified Special Education Teacher, and Licensed Therapist. Helane has been offering intuitive individual, family and marital counseling services for over 20 years. Originally from Long Island, NY, Helane is a graduate of Ithaca College (B.A.) and Syracuse University (L.M.S.W) and is by training, temperament and substantial experience, an empathic and deeply caring person who has assisted many through troubled times.  Now, she is navigating a new journey through her own “troubled times”.  In her own words:


On August 1st, 2015 I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in the late stages. I tried every healing modality presented to me. It seemed I was making great strides and getting better, but I found out earlier this week that the cancer has spread to both lungs, the trachea, liver and lymph nodes.  Seen as "incurable" by hospitals, I moved  to Placerville, California, to regroup and heal.  I’ve chosen to live with a dear friend, Lance White, at the “Zany Mystic Ranch and Healing Center”, which resides in a High Vibrational Energy Vortex made famous by the healer, The Goat Doctor of the Sierras”, written by Gloria Hockensmith.


When I arrived here, the Healing Center was “held hostage” by squatters, who have been legally removed, and my new home, which is focused on healing, is being renovated.  Read more about my journey at the link below, where I share my highly personal story.  Soon, I will have a wonderful new home from which opportunities will spring, making new friends in my ongoing healing journey.  Your love and support is creating miracles each day.  


God Bless you for your love, support, prayers, and kind donations.